DJ / Web Developer / Chaos Dragon

Kyo Uchida started his journey of individual growth & self-realization in 2008 as a university AV technician under the former pseudonym Danzer, traversing & working for a myriad of nightlife events & festivals across the northeast, incrementally gaining experience in DJ-ing & event facilitation over the years.

After a decade-long path of metamorphosis & evolution, he finally accepted himself as Kyo Uchida, an emissary of psychedelic trance music, the genre he found allows for great moments of personal transcendence & human connection, drawing out creative energies through the exploration of alternate perspectives.

With strong technical roots, an air of inquisitiveness, & an unyielding fire, Kyo Uchida brings it all to the decks & the floors of the diverse range of events that summon him, tapping into the primal bardic energies to deliver new & exciting possibilities with precision & conviction through his performances & productions.