Psychedelic Dance Music Collective


  • Karmakanik

    DJ / Event Organizer

  • Orbicles

    DJ / Event Organizer

  • Grey Sea

    DJ / Event Organizer / Mascot

  • Psyryn

    DJ / Event Organizer / Cupcake Wrangler

  • Kyo Uchida

    DJ / Web Developer / Chaos Dragon

  • Muudita

    DJ / Cosmic Dancer


Since 2015, the Substratum collective has been bringing cutting-edge psychedelic dance music events to the Philadelphia area. From our acclaimed series of free daytime outdoor parties in Fairmount Park to private affairs in art galleries, nightclubs and warehouses around the city, we strive to create immersive, mind-expanding experiences featuring a diverse array of DJs, live acts, and visual artists across a wide range of genres, with a focus on psychedelic trance, techno, and house.